Just for Fun & Growth
I spend a lot of my free time at college in the woodshop. Ever since I wandered into the shop at the beginning of my sophomore year, woodworking has become my main outlet for "just for fun" creative energy. The process is extremely rewarding and meditative, and it allows me to relax so I can be my best in all parts of my life. The bonus is I get to make cool stuff for myself, friends, and family along the way! I've selected some projects I've done below:

I love going to the woodshop, working hard academically, and maintaining a social life, as well as staying awake! Coffee helps with this. I was lucky to grow up in New York where there is a big coffee scene. After a while, I arrived at my regular drink: the cortado! For me, nothing beats watching some Yankees baseball over a nice to-go cortado from my neighborhood coffee shop.
Books & Podcasts
Here is a short list of some recent books and podcasts I've enjoyed and recommend!
Factfulness - Hans Rosling
Thinking, Fast and Slow - Daniel Kahneman
Flashboys - Michael Lewis
The Sports Gene - David Epstein
Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu
Planet Money
Freakonoics Radio